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Corinthians vs Sao Paulo: See why the VAR didn't see the ball in Renato Augusto's hand as a penalty |  Brazilian series

Corinthians vs Sao Paulo: See why the VAR didn’t see the ball in Renato Augusto’s hand as a penalty | Brazilian series

This Tuesday, the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) launched the dialogue between referee Wilton Pereira Sampaio and the team responsible for the VAR technology of the classic match between Corinthians x Sao Paulowhat or what It ended in a 1-1 drawin the Neo Química Arena, for Brasileirão.

In the audio recordings, the refereeing team justifies not scoring a penalty by Renato Augusto, who was still in the first half. The tricolor players complained about Corinthians’ handball that fell and he defended himself without committing a foul from the referee’s point of view.

There is the defending player’s hand, but it is on the ground and not in the block. Diane Caroline Muniz dos Santos, the video referee for the fencing in Itaqueira, said he is raising his hand to defend himself.

Renato Augusto, falling, touching the ball with his hand – Photo: Reproduction

Also in the statement to justify the bid arbitration decision, which was repeated by the video referee, the CBF revealed rule 12, justifying the absence of any deliberate action by Renato Augusto, despite questions from the São Paulo players on the field.

Supported the equality result Corinthians Leading the Brazilian Championship. Timão has 14 points against 12 for Tricolor who is third after seven rounds.

The whistle position: Salvio Spinola does not see a penalty handed by Renato Augusto

Check the rule used by the CBF to justify the decision:

Play ball by hand/arm

In order to clearly identify hand/arm irregularities, the arm is known to start from the top of the armpit, as shown in the illustration. Not every touch of the ball in a player’s hand/arm is an offense.

It would be an offense if the player:

Deliberately touching the ball with your hand/arm. For example, moving the hand / arm towards the ball;

Touching the ball with your hand/arm when your hand/arm is extending unnaturally to your body. A player is considered to be abnormally large when the position of his hand/arm is not the result of the movement or when the position of the hand/arm cannot be justified by the movement of the player’s body for that specific position. By putting his/her hand in such a position, the player assumes the danger of touching the ball with his/her hand and therefore should be punished;

– to score a goal in the opposing team: directly from touching the ball with his hand / arm, even if it is accidental, including the goalkeeper; Or immediately after the ball has touched your hand/arm, even if it is accidental.

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