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Palmeiras crushes Tachira and breaks records in the Libertadores

Palmeiras crushes Tachira and breaks records in the Libertadores

The Palm trees By Abel Ferreira continues to make history. Tonight (24), Verdau became the team with the best campaign and scored the most goals in the history of the group stage. Editors By beating Deportivo Tachira Fen 4-1 at Allianz Parque. The goals of the match were scored by Gustavo Scarpa (three times) and Rooney. Gutierrez Register of Visitors.

As a result, Palmeiras maintained his 100% success in the South American Championship and surpassed the championship numbers. Boca Juniors 2015, who also won all six matches, but had 17 goals, five less than Abel’s team. Verdau also beat River Plate in 2020, and is now the best attacker in the group stage, scoring 25 goals, four more than the Argentines.

Palmeiras is now awaiting the draw that will take place next Friday (27), to see who they will face in the round of 16. The Brazilian club has also secured Libertadores’ leadership overall, giving it the advantage of permanently deciding knockout matches at Allianz Parque. Tachira, in turn, was eliminated after the defeat. Second place in Group One goes to Emelec-EQU, who today crushed the Independiente Petrolero Bowl.

Verdao returns to the pitch on Sunday (29), at 4pm (GMT), when he visits Santos, at Villa Belmero, for the eighth round of the Brazilian Championship.

Live from Palmeiras

Scarpa Show!

More than 20 minutes of play were enough for Gustavo Scarpa to score two goals and practically define Palmeiras’ victory. The midfielder still scored another penalty in the second half and turned the score into a defeat. In the absence of Rafael Vega, who tested positive for the coronavirus, the midfielder led the team and lived out a night inspired by Allianz Parque. He obviously got the best votes on the field.

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Who Has Worked Well: Rafael Navarro

The striker got a chance as a beginner and despite his emptiness he had an important role in attacking with good moves. He struggled with Scarpa’s penalty kick, took part in Rooney’s goal display and gave a beautiful pass to Prino Lopez to drop in the area in Palmeiras’ second penalty kick in the match.

Game timeline

Palmeiras had no trouble beating Tachira and had an inspirational start from Gustavo Scarpa. The midfielder opened the scoring in the 14th minute of the first half, with a great contribution from goalkeeper Varela, and already extended the score in the 21st minute with a penalty kick.

In the final stage, Táchira freaked out and went down with Gutiérrez after hitting the area, two minutes later. But Palmeiras didn’t take long to make another one. In the 11th minute, Rooney took advantage of the goalkeeper’s shot after Dodo’s cross and Verdau reassured the match again. There was still time for another one from Scarpa. The midfielder scored the hat-trick in the 22nd minute after converting another penalty kick. Historic night for Palmeiras in Libertadores.

Palmeiras game

Despite already entering the field and with assured leadership of the group, Abel used most of his usual holders and only kept Danilo, who remained on the bench. With that, Gabriel Menino got a new opportunity. Palmeiras controlled all actions, remained on the attacking field throughout the match and only scored against Tachira. Overall, another consistent performance and well-deserved records for a team working to make more history for Verdau.

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Scarpa represents “vegetarianism”

Palmeiras scored two penalties in the match, but did not have a main goal on the field. With covid-19, Rafael Vega missed the team. In his absence, Gustavo Scarpa was responsible for converting both kicks and honoring the history of his teammate, known for not wasting penalty kicks at Palmeiras.

The trio says goodbye before making selections

Weaverton, Danilo and Kocevic were at Abel’s disposal for the last time before serving their teams. Of the three, only the goalkeeper entered the field, while the steering wheel and the defender remained on the bench. Brazilians lose matches against Santos and Atletico MGabout Brazil. The Chilean must play against Botafogo and Curitiba And Atlético jo. Gomez, although called up by Paraguay, must play in the derby before appearing for the national team, but will miss the two matches against Atlético MG and Botafogo.

Opportunity to publish the Academy

In the second half, with the score on track, Abel gave left-back Vanderlane, midfielder Fabinho and striker Jonathan the opportunity, revealed by Coppinha’s base and champion at the beginning of the year.

data sheet

Palm trees 4 x 1 Deportivo Tucera Fen

Contest: Libertadores, sixth round of the group stage
Playground: Allianz Parque, in São Paulo (SP)
date and time: May 24, 2022 at 9:30 p.m. (Brasilia time)
public: 29,032 fans
Income: 1722282.57 Brazilian Real
to rule: Kevin Ortega (PER)
Auxiliaries: Jesus Sanchez (PER) and Michael Oreo (PER)
yellow cards: Raphael’s costume (Bal); Benitez, Flores, Restrepo (TAC)

Objectives: Gustavo Scarpa, in 14′ and 21′ of I and 22′ of 2, and Ronnie, in 11′ of 2 (PAL); Gutierrez, 2′ of the second quarter (TAC)

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Palm trees: Waverton. Marcos Rocha, Murillo, Gustavo Gomez, Jorge (Vanderlan); Gabriel Menino (Fabiño), Zee Raphael and Gustavo Scarpa (Jonathan); Dudu, Rooney (Briano Lopez) and Rafael Navarro (Wesley). Technical: Abel Ferrara

lonely chira: Varela. Camacho (Nelson Hernandez), Gutierrez, Marofo and Benitez (Restrepo); hill, cave, flowers; Arias (Marlon Fernandez), Figueroa (Jason Ramirez) and Semestera (Uribe). Technical: Alex Ballaris