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Conversation and science in Brazil

Conversation and science in Brazil

Science Gateway went live this month Chat Brazil, after five years of preparation. The channel aims to disseminate progress in the latest scientific research, opinions on the most relevant contemporary topics and important news from academia.

The content is produced by researchers from scientific institutions in Brazil – curated by academics led by a University of the South Pacific professor Georgie Felix And editorial support from a team of professional journalists, entirely dedicated to expanding the penetration of this content among non-specialized audiences.

The editorial team consists of the editor-in-chief Daniel Staiser And by journalists Paolo Moussaoui, Esmeem Amindin, Cesar Baima, Luciana Juliao that it Eliabe Figueiredo.

Established in 2011 in Australia, with logo Academic accuracy and journalistic stylethe conversation seeks to avoid the superficiality often found in newspaper news, and the textured depth we see in Leaves traditional science. Hence, it aims to be understood by an audience beyond the scientific community, but without losing rigor. Currently, the portal has branches in eight countries; Brazil becomes ninth, and first in Portuguese.

Reach is global: About 20 million readers access the different versions of the site every day, and another 40 million people have daily access to the content, through reposts in about 20 thousand partner vehicles. The content is published under a Creative Commons license, therefore, all knowledge can and should be freely reproduced, as long as due credit is given.

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