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Chinese balloon used US technology for spying: FBI

Chinese balloon used US technology for spying: FBI

The agency’s preliminary findings show that the subject collected photos and videos; The object flew over the US in February

According to investigations by the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation), a Chinese balloon that flew over the United States in February carried US-made equipment to collect photos, videos and other data. Information from The Wall Street Journal.

Several US security and intelligence agencies, along with the FBI, examined the wreckage recovered after the US military shot down the balloon.

Authorities concluded that the object contained commercial American equipment and specialized Chinese sensors and other equipment to transmit photos, videos and other data to China.

The findings, according to those in charge of the investigation, support the conclusion that it was designed for spying, not weather monitoring, as Beijing claimed at the time.

However, according to US agencies, it has not been concluded that the collected data was actually sent back to China. Chinese officials, for their part, worry that if the US investigators’ report on the balloon becomes public, Beijing will be forced to do so. “Strong reaction”.

On June 21, President Joe Biden called on his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping “Dictator”. Shi said the American “Very upset” When the US military shot down the thing “He didn’t know it was there.”.

“This is a huge shame for dictators. When they don’t know what happened. That [o balão] He should not go where he was. It was ignored.”Biden said.

Remember the alleged Chinese spy balloon case: