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Check out the game's reviews on Metacritic

Check out the game’s reviews on Metacritic

a Harbor in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt For the new generation arrived this Wednesday (14) to ps5and Xbox Series X | S and PC. However, the first notes of the new version of the game have already become available on Metacritic – where it is classified as respectable 97 points Currently.

So far, the game appears to have been very well received with the 15 reviews recorded on the site – all of which are positive. Reportedly, there are also eight extremes—a remarkable feat. Check out the reviews below:

  • vandal – 100
  • Fanboy Attack – 100
  • sixth axis – 100
  • screen rant – 100
  • Gameblog.fr – 100
  • God Jake – 100
  • PSX Brazil – 100
  • VGC – 100
  • Hobby devices – 95
  • Jeuxvideo.com – 95
  • noisy pixel – 95
  • GAMES.CH – 94
  • Multiplayer.it – 90
  • Playstation World – 90
  • payment yard – 90

What is the media thinking about The Witcher 3 in the next generation?

The most common critical praise for the remake of The Witcher 3 mentions that Harbor Next Generation “feels like another game”. analysis Fanboy attackfor example, says that the improvements have been implemented “without fail.”

The updated version takes what made the 2015 version so beloved and puts it into the new generation so carefully that it feels like a different game while retaining the backbone of the original. The optimizations work flawlessly and I can see myself pouring an extra 100 hours or more into this universe now that it’s comparable to other next-gen games.

(Source: Playback)

Already the lowest (but still very high) score, from push square (90), also praises the improvements that have been implemented, but claims that the gameplay “hasn’t aged very well”.

More than seven years after its original release, The Witcher 3 is still a masterpiece. In his personality and dialogue writing, it has not yet been surpassed, while his knack for telling so many captivating stories is still impressive. While aspects of its gameplay haven’t aged that much, there’s no doubt that the full version is the best version of a truly great open world adventure.

The Witcher 3 from PS5: Is it worth it?

a My Playstation Also had the opportunity to review the PS5 version of the RPG. The highlights are news such as ray tracing, fast loading and an unprecedented camera model. Read it all here!

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