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Cefet-MG is the first Brazilian company to use the Oxford tests

Cefet-MG is the first Brazilian company to use the Oxford tests

The Federal Center for Technical Education of Minas Gerais (Cefet-MG) is the first Brazilian institution to use entrance tests at Oxford University in the United Kingdom, one of the most respected educational institutions in the world.

According to the Minas Gerais company, the physical structure, adequate computer lab, trained personnel for the system and conditions for service for people with disabilities are technical requirements analyzed.

The accreditation of the company, based in Belo Horizonte, was conducted by the Cefet-MG Secretariat for International Relations (SRI) in July 2023 and completed in August. “Becoming a test center for the University of Oxford will definitely positively affect our internalization activities. The institution is well known, expands its international capabilities, allows more training for relevant staff and opens up opportunities for interns to carry out tests without the need to travel to other institutions,” says International Cooperation Coordinator Lilian Neves.

How to Apply for Oxford Exams

To apply for the exam, interested candidates need to create a code on the university portal and fill the registration form on the Cefet-MG website. See step by step here.

Test applications follow the Oxford University calendar. Registration usually opens in May every year. To participate, candidates should pay attention to the information they publish Cefet-MG SRI.

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