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CBLOL 2021: Pades comment on Flamengo’s internal changes for the second split

a Flamengo is the current leader of the regular stage of CBLOL 2021’s Split 2, with four wins and no losses, being the only unbeaten team in the competition so far. This Sunday (13), after the victory over INTZ, rubro-negro coach, Pades, spoke with Mais Esports.

And in the exclusive interview after the match, the coach commented on the current moment of his team, in addition to what had changed internally so that Flamengo would not suffer a sudden drop in performance as happened in the last split.

Badis arrived in Flamengo in early 2021 (Photo: Flamengo Esports/Reprodução)

We’ve changed the way we approach things during the split. We value the players’ performance more and mentally too, I will try to make them happier throughout the split, which makes them more motivated. In the last split we pushed and pressed them a lot, a lot of guys didn’t cope well when the losses happened because it’s hard not to get nervous when everyone expects you to play the same way all the time.

Bades also says Division II Flamengo are a much happier and more motivated team. He also cites the arrival of Neptune, the young player, who rejuvenated the actors’ energy. “Having a young player motivates others, so we use that passion to achieve more results.”

“We love having these heroes in our draft,” Bades says.

The coach, who is a Turkish national, also spoke about the current metal. Bades says he’s enjoying the game a lot at the moment, because he “loves” the new heroes, Gwen and Vigo. “We love having these champions in our draft, it’s more concerning to the other teams than it does to us. Our solo lanes are crazy with them, and so are the jungles, so when we have it, I feel very comfortable.”

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According to the coach, the current goal may be an inconvenience to other teams who “can’t count on their own lanes”, but for Flamengo it’s a positive. He reiterates that he is curious to see how his team will develop over the next few weeks.

Finally, Bades spoke about the arrival of Flamengo’s “new” player, Nettuno, who won the academy title by the organization in the recent split. The coach says that the team’s adaptation to the reinforcements is better than he expected: “The players help him a lot.”

Everyone tries to teach him what they can and learn a lot. He deserved to be played mainly because honestly, he was at a higher level than the rest of the cast at the Academy, so we gave it a shot and he’s enjoying it quite well. He is also developing, but he needs to show more in important games. He has a lot of time left, so let’s see how he handles the bigger matches, with more pressure.

Flamengo is the isolated captain for the second part of CBLOL 2021 with a score of 4-0. Next weekend, rubro-negro will seek to maintain his undefeated record and leadership, as he faces FURIA on Saturday (19) and the Miners on Sunday (20).

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