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Cardi B Will Return For 'Fast & Furious 10', Vin Diesel Confirms - Music

Cardi B Will Return For ‘Fast & Furious 10’, Vin Diesel Confirms – Music

Fans were curious to find out and Vin Diesel confirmed it, Cardi B He will return for the next movie in the “Fast & Furious” franchise, after participating in the current and ninth installment of the series, which opens in Brazil on June 24.

The actress, who is also a film producer, gave an interview to Entertainment Tonight during the premiere, in Los Angeles, and said that the rapper, who played Leysa’s character, had already secured her role in the tenth production.

“We’re very excited about her character development and eventually expanding her engagement,” he said. “She arrived just in time, just in time for The Fast & The Furious 9.” Until the two revealed the singer’s participation in the film in October 2019, when Cardi B Posted a video on the UK filming website.

He continued, “You know, like I said, the end is coming and ‘The Fast & The Furious 9’ starts to perfectly arrange for the greatest finale in film history.” And it seems that the end of the series will feature two more features, ending with the eleventh film.

The director, Justin Lin, was also keen to pay tribute to the rapper’s presence in the franchise. “I love Cardi, you know? It’s amazing that she showed up, and in a minute, she became part of the family, right? And I loved that when we met, she and Finn were talking about the character, because she’s really so in the overall universe. She’s always been there.” And this is actually the first time we’ve seen her, so I’m really excited to explore her character. I’ll work with her anytime.”

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