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Bosquinho Poeta presents a new book of poetry |  Entertainment |  cash |  Amazon - Amazon

Bosquinho Poeta presents a new book of poetry | Entertainment | cash | Amazon – Amazon

With themes maximizing love, faith and nature, the work “Emotions of the Soul” will be launched on Thursday (21) at the Palace of Justice.

with poems dealing with themes from the everyday life of Bosquinho Poeta, such as love and admiration for nature; By women’s devotion to Our Lady. With moon, star and sun. Written by Manaus and Freemasonry – of which he is a member – the Amazonian composer launched, on the 21st of October (Poet’s Day), his third poetry book, entitled “Sentimentalidades da Alma”, in the Music Room of the Palace of Justice. (Eduardo Ribeiro Street, 901, Centro), 6 pm.

At the launch event, Bosquinho will recite the poem “O Poder da Mulher”. Also on this occasion, pianist Manuel Conde will take part in the activity, creating the musical background for the meeting. On this occasion, the poet is still doing an act of solidarity. All proceeds from the sale of copies will be donated to the Fraternity of Friends and Brothers of Love (FAIC), which helps people in vulnerable situations.

For the poet, the release of the magazine is eagerly awaited. “It will be a special moment that conquers my heart with aspirations knowing that I will be able to share such beloved verses that stem from my sensitivity and address the themes that guide my life, such as love of family, friends, brotherhood, order and admiration for nature,” he says.

The book was released by Editora Pallavra da Terra, and has 242 pages (Photo: Disclosure)

Known in the samba world, Bosquinho Poeta is one of the authors of the Grêmio Recreativo Escola de Samba Unidos da Liberdade, having co-authored the 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019 Amazon Carnival champions. Divine gifts. The moon, sunset, and nature are my inspiration, and so I compose poetry about what surrounds my life and routine. I have always sought to be surrounded by art and poetry, which are two ways of recognizing the greatness of our Creator,” he says.

homage, allegiance, or respect

At the 2022 Carnival, the life and work of Bosquinho Poeta will be the subject of a samba plot by Grêmio Recreativo Dragões do Império, a traditional school in the São Jorge neighborhood of Manaus. “It was an invitation that made me very emotional. Samba has always been a part of my path. I have always worked so that the brilliance of our carnival is recognized. The Amazon is a stronghold of valuable artists and our art should be known and valued. I prepare my heart for this special moment,” he adds.

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