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Jealousy, Cristina argues with Vicente and ends the relationship

An unfulfilled wedding Maria Clara Andrea Horta is causing a real stir in the relationship between Christina (Lyandra Leil) and Vicente (Rafael Cardoso). The next chapters of empireThe girl is surprised to see her sister proclaiming herself and inviting the chef to dance.

Clara decides to gather all the guests to thank Vicente for the celebration menu. Afterwards, they dance together, a scene that makes Christina jealous.

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The next day, the seller found her boyfriend and received the news. Vicente says it with expulsion Enrico (Joaquim Lopes) from the restaurant, he could be the head chef for the house, as well as highlighting his name in the establishment.

Vicente’s words relive Cristina, who remembers kora Derica Moraes says the boy is a spy for him Jose Alfredo (Alexander Nero). While the cook is thrilled with the novelty of the profession, she is skeptical.

“Suddenly you got a job at one of the biggest restaurants in Brazil… at the speed of light you’ll be a chef… you’ll call this place a name… This story doesn’t prove! It’s a frame! Scam!”, She accuses, citing her boyfriend’s closeness with the commander.

Seeing Christina’s outbreak, he tries to explain himself, but the girl has already taken the conspiracy theory seriously. Cora, who is listening to the entire conversation behind the door, reveals herself and adds more fuel to the fire.

Cristina continues, angrily Vicente. “I don’t know anything about you… What security should I share with you and then find out that it’s just a pretense? Prove to me otherwise. If you don’t give me any guarantees, this is what I should think of…”, shoot.

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Vicente is shocked, gives up trying to defend himself and decides to end the relationship. “If that’s what you think, do me a favor. If he finds me on the street, pretend he doesn’t know me,” Freed, to the joy of Cora and the sadness of the girl.

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