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CAIXA: New Feirão da Casa Propria announced;  Learn how to participate online

CAIXA: New Feirão da Casa Propria announced; Learn how to participate online

a Federal Savings Bank Announced last Monday (07), the first virtual edition of private home gallery. The fair promoted by the foundation will allow the property to be fully financed, with no down payment required, with up to six months to start paying the installments.

The event will take place between 25 June and 4 July. In all, 180,000 properties will be offered across Brazil, with partnerships with 600 construction companies, according to information provided by Caixa. In addition, interested parties will be able to choose the property through the Feirão platform, where simulations can even be conducted.

Virau’s properties

Of the total properties offered in Caixa feirão, the financial institution itself owns approximately 6000 properties. It can be fully funded, with no down payment and a grace period of six months for payment.

It is worth noting that for these Caixa properties, contract rates will start from TR + 2.50% + savings earnings.

Line of credit linked to savings

Caixa recently launched a new real estate credit line with interest tied to the balance in the savings account, as well as a variable rate. This means that interest rates start at 3.35% per annum, added to the savings bonus, and the debt is updated every month by the reference interest rate (TR).

The credit method is available for new and used properties, construction and renovation, with a financing term of 420 months (35 years) and a share of up to 80%. In addition, the Bank accepts the possibility of transferring the financing implemented in other financial institutions.

According to Pedro Guimarães, President of Caixa, this line “already represents more than 40% of all real estate contracts” of the institution with resources from the Brazilian System of Savings and Loans (SBPE) implemented in 2021.

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