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Caixa Simples Passive Credit Card: Learn How to Apply

a Federal Savings Bank It is one of the most traditional banks in the country, and for this reason, it has an extensive list of services, among which there are many credit card options for various audiences, including passive citizens.

a simple box It does not require consultation with SPC and Serasa and, as a result, is issued to consumers with restricted CPF. In addition, the tool has no annual salary and offers many other benefits, check out:

  • free pension
  • reduced interest (2.85% per month for rotor use);
  • without consulting the credit protection agencies, SPC and Serasa; And the
  • Access to a specialist who specializes in small household services (assembly and dismantling of furniture, electrical inspection, etc.).

Regarding the disadvantages, the simple box It can only be issued to retired and retired National Social Security Institute (NSS) pensioners (INSS), up to 75 years old. The card is released in payroll mode, and even if it gets easy approval, it does a credit analysis.

How to apply?

INSS document holders interested in applying for a Caixa Simples card can carry out the procedure at any branch of Caixa Bank. It will only be necessary to provide the necessary documents, such as RG, CPF, proof of residency and statement of benefits.

After placing your order, simply wait for Caixa to analyze and respond, which may take a few days. If the application is approved, the card will be issued and sent to the registered address.

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