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Discover the THREE Banco do Brasil credit cards that do not charge an annual fee

Discover the THREE Banco do Brasil credit cards that do not charge an annual fee

a Bank of Brazil It takes inspiration from the innovations launched by fintech companies and digital banks. As a result, the financial institution offers three options for credit cards, with all the advantages offered by a conventional bank.

The tools allow users to access loans, syndicates, plans, and fee waivers. In addition, the customer can participate in the “Point for You Program”, which grants various benefits with other partner institutions.

See below for more details on Ourocard Fácil, Cartão Petrobrás and KaBuM Card.

Plain Ourocard

This card is available to new or former Banco do Brasil account holders. The only negative point of the product is that it does not give access to the “Point for You program”, however, it is international, allowing the customer to make purchases in Brazil and abroad.

The tool is customized according to the customer’s taste and the default version is provided as soon as the version is released. In order for the bank not to charge an annual fee, the user needs to spend at least R$100 per month on the credit option. If this criterion is not met, the fee will be R$ 6.10 per month.

Petrobras Card

This product was launched in partnership with Petrobras. It is free of annual fees or maintenance fees, as well as giving the customer cash back on purchases. With it, the user can enroll up to four times more in the Petrobras Premmia program, allowing the inclusion of up to four dependents, even without charging a fee.

It is noteworthy that in order to obtain the Petrobrás Card, the interested party does not need to be an account holder at Banco do Brasil.

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KaBuM . Card

The KaBuM card was released to the dismay of the gaming audience. In order not to pay the annual installments, the customer must also spend at least R$100 per month. However, if this is not fulfilled, the user must pay a fee of 10 BRL per month.

Like all other credit cards mentioned in this article, this card is also issued under the Visa brand, which offers exclusive benefits to customers, such as discounted purchases at partner stores.

In addition, the product contains technology that allows the user to pay for purchases according to the policy and has special conditions on the KaBuM website.

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