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Caitlin Jenner announces her candidate for Governor of California

His likely victory would mark a significant milestone in the presence of transgender people in American politics. The state has elected famous people in the past, among them actor Arnold Schwarzenegger

EFE / EPA / NINA PROMMERIn 2017, Caitlyn Jenner already said that she would like to go into politics to defend the LGBT cause

Caitlin Jenner He stated that he has already completed the necessary papers to run for governor California In the next election. “Californians want more and deserve more from a ruler. For a long time, professional politicians have promised a lot and delivered so little. We need a leader with vision and determination to solve this problem. The announcement was made Friday, the 23rd, through his Twitter profile.” American news reporter Axios is the star of the reality show keeping up with the Kardashians He would already have put together a team that included some of the former president’s advisers Donald Trump. It wouldn’t be the first time a celebrity has run for California governor: the actor Arnold Schwarzenegger He won the 2003 election by defeating porn actress Mary Carey and former child actor Gary Coleman. On the other hand, a possible victory for Caitlyn Jenner would mark the politicians as a milestone Transgender. Sarah McBride became the first transgender senator in history United State Last year, when two other trans women, Taylor Small and Stephanie Byers, won positions in the House of Representatives.

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