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Byung beats Lucas in the challenge and fans show arrogance

Byung beats Lucas in the challenge and fans show arrogance

Byung Lee won the survival challenge that was shown today on “Island Record”. Previous-BBB He won the race against Lucas Selvi, the third exile of the season in reality.

The test required good speed and strategy from the pair. After the “catch” keys to open the gate, they needed to fit the pieces together on a board to complete the challenge.

participant infarm 12 “I failed to retrieve the keys in the first stage of the challenge.” I was a little nervous, but I won by a big margin. Big advantage,” Byung analyzed.

Lucas left the map to Byung, who returned to the village as a team leader. The decision did not satisfy Merella and Denny, who promised to talk about the matter in exile.

lacks humility

Before the feud on the scene, a conversation between Byung and Antonella caught the public’s attention on social media. In addition to being consistently relied upon, he has ensured that he has the best strategies in place to complicate his competitors.

In response to a question by broadcaster Sabrina Sato moments before the survival challenge, he said that “Revenge” against Nana Damasino “will come at the right time” of the match.

Beung’s sermons also did not please Denny and Mirella, who went on to audition in exile. “He is very good. But he lacks humility. If he had been more humble, he would have been one of the favorites to win the match,” said the former player in football.

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