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“I want to hear our samba gringos” • Paraíba Online

“I want to hear our samba gringos” • Paraíba Online

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Mariana Arudas
SÃO PAULO, SP (FOLHAPRESS) – Bold, daring and always ready for new airs. This is how singer Claudia Litt, 41, sees her trajectory of nearly 20 years and the next steps in her career, always guided by love, acting and respect. “I need to feel like I’m doing this, if not, it doesn’t even make sense to wake up.”

The artist says that she considers herself an eagle, in the sense that she allows herself to rebuild and does not imagine herself trapped in captivity. In her latest release, “Samba Lento,” she uses the bird as inspiration and ventures out by joining in samba with Latin rhythms like Reggaeton, and with “funk and trap” music. “I wanted to hear our samba gringos.”

In partnership with Panamanian singer Joey Montana, 39, she says she wasn’t afraid, as she has done on other occasions. “I’m bold and daring about going beyond what I myself think I can do,” she said in a video interview with Folha de S.Paulo.

The former judge on The Voice Brasil Kids (Globo) and The Voice + (Globo) says she felt free and wanted to represent the power of women. She says that due to the pandemic, the song and video were produced with fewer staff, and that the new single managed to get a more intense process than “Thank You”, which was released in February of this year with the band Natiruts.

“Although it sounded like a couple’s story, the song was revealed to me as a quest for self-knowledge,” the singer explains. She comments that she knows that all women suffer in some way and remembers that at the beginning of her career she was afraid of being objected to by men.

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“When I started, I remember I was wearing different clothes,” he says, “I was afraid of the way they would appoint me, and how men would look at me.” Claudia says that she wants to convey through the video the message that women “were not born to cage, and vultures are not born to captivity.”

The artist comments that she was mainly inspired by the legend of the eagle, which says that when it grows old, the bird flies to the top of a mountain and decides to remove its beak, feathers and claws to renew itself and live for it. A few more decades. However, it also had a reference to an iconic phrase of singer Cher, 75.

“This guy is me,” jokes the singer, citing the song by Roberto Carlos. She says she referenced the story that her mother said she needed to find a rich man so that everything would be alright, Cher replies, “Mom, I’m the rich guy.”

Claudia also says she has had to adapt to releasing releases during the Covid-19 pandemic. “I excel,” he says, “My team is great, but … it’s obnoxious.” The artist comments on this by saying that she is grateful for her ability to work and for the good health of her family, but “music cannot be an electronic service, music is people together and unites people.”

“But I will say, the creative process is painful, do you see?” , he says. The singer says that the most important thing in her career is beyond applause, but the experience and feeling she gives fans in her performances. “It pulled off really well. This particular song [‘Samba Lento’] He took me on a path that surprised me.”

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“Thank you” was once an editor, but that was a surreal thing. “

The artist comments that she has “the best skin”. She recently performed in the United States and was happy that she had gone a year and five months without stepping on stage.

She remembers that her closest contact with the audience was in Domingão do Faustão (Globo), when she saw the virtual audience. “I had to control myself not to look like a fool on TV.”

As for the show in Orlando featuring names like Anitta, 28, and Xanddy, 42, she had to hold back the emotions and overcome the challenge. “When it was over, I was a teardrop, I felt like an emotional waterfall,” jokes the artist, who shared the record on her social networks.

“I renewed my hopes and confirmed that seeing people happy is what moves me! There may be a vaccine for everyone!”, he wrote in the post. The artist claims to advise “not to post in the heat of the moment” on social media. Claudia says she posts what she intends to do, even if it “raises haters from the catacombs,” she jokes.

“I was once a teenage singer, aspiring to recognition and fame,” she comments, “until you discover that your call connects you, not separates you from people.” She often shares her family records and agendas that are important to her. As for the future, the singer promises many surprises to fans, just like “Samba Lento”.

Now, it is still rooting for the grafting of progress in the Brazilian population and the return of the art. “We cannot underestimate the importance of entertainment at the expense of health,” he says. “Of course it has its degrees, but everyone needs joy, food, security and everything! We need balance in life and carnival too.”

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