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Brazilians will pay more energy taxes in 2024 Anil

Brazilians will pay more energy taxes in 2024 Anil

The National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel) revealed that Brazilians should prepare for a significant increase in energy costs in 2024.

The subsidy, which is in addition to energy tariffs, is expected to exceed R$32.7 billion next year.

These forecasts were released after the agency approved public consultation on the 2024 Energy Development Account budget proposal. The proposal was approved at a meeting on Tuesday the 14th.

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The increase represents a significant increase, compared to 2023, when consumers paid R$29.6 billion in subsidies through their tariffs. The change indicates an increasing trend in costs associated with electric energy.

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The total CDE budget for 2024 is estimated at R$37.2 billion, which means an increase of 6.2% compared to this year’s budget, which amounted to R$35 billion.

Recently, many Brazilians were without electricity for several days in a row Photo: Disclosure/Enel

CDE is a fund used to finance various policies in the electricity sector, including support for low-income consumers and renewable energy sources.

Although part of this budget is financed from other sources of revenue, such as sector fines applied by Anil and funds from research and development and energy efficiency programmes, the majority still falls on consumers.

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These additional costs are included in energy tariffs, representing a significant financial burden on service users.

Brazilian consumers will have to bear a larger portion of these costs on their electricity bills next year.