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Bradesco Financiamentos leak may have exposed data from 53,000 customers

The Bradesco This Friday, the 13th, announced that its branch Bradesco financing He discovered an incident exclusively related to him, which may have allowed unauthorized access to vehicle financing agreement data from approximately 53,000 customers.

The Bank It also stipulated that all necessary measures were taken to resolve the incident and inform customers and the competent authorities.

“We assure that the end-to-end data property does not jeopardize the integrity of access to the transaction systems of these customers with Bradesco Financiamentos. Bradesco reinforces its commitment to the transparency and security of its customers’ data,” says the company.

cyber crime

Data leaks and cyber attacks against businesses have become more and more common in recent years and have become a major concern for corporate leadership.

as shown stadium at Report published last yearIn 2021 alone, global losses from cyberattacks last year were estimated at $6 trillion—three times as much Gross domestic product do Brasil – according to a study by German consulting firm Roland Berger.

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