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Brazilian meat exports gain strength with Egypt's new policy

Brazilian meat exports gain strength with Egypt's new policy

Last Tuesday, February 13, Egypt took a major step that heralds improvement Meat export Brazil. The African country decided to recognize the quality of the Brazilian meat inspection system, including beef, pork and chicken.

Thus, Brazil gained a special status called… “Pre-listing”This will make life much easier for at least 30 slaughterhouses who have been waiting for more than four years for the opportunity to send their products there.

Bureaucratic barriers to exports fell to the ground

Before this change, for a Brazilian meat packing company to obtain or renew a permit to export to Egypt, it was necessary to undergo a personal review by the Egyptians. This method, in addition to being expensive for companies, was too bureaucratic for tax auditors, and ended up limiting the number of places they could export to. Now, with “pre-listing,” all that bureaucracy has collapsed.

This good news came after an important visit to Cairo, the capital of Egypt, by representatives of the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture in November 2023. This trip was crucial to the success of the negotiations.

It is worth noting that Egypt is not just a customer: it is the largest buyer of chicken meat in Brazil and the sixth largest buyer of beef. Just last year, Brazil sold to Egypt 130 thousand tons of meatWhich generated about 384 million US dollars.

“The pre-listing reflects the high degree of confidence in Brazilian health oversight, especially in the Federal Inspection Service (SIF), whose excellence is recognized by more than 150 importing countries. Egypt demonstrates the strength and growth potential of existing trade relations. In the past year alone, we have of conquering four new markets in Egypt, including cotton,” said Roberto Perosa, Minister of Trade and International Relations.

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This decision is a major victory for Brazil, in addition to facilitating it Export of meat, also strengthens international confidence in Brazilian health standards, and opens doors for more business in the future.