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Brazil 2023: Tempo Sports selects Team of the Year only with “Mineros”;  look

Brazil 2023: Tempo Sports selects Team of the Year only with “Mineros”; look

Atlético finished third in the competition, the Minas Gerais team that received the most representatives in the selection of the best in the tournament.

Atletico’s Paulinho and Cruzeiro’s William were present in the Brazil 2023 squad Photography: Pedro Souza/Atlético and Gustavo Aleixo/Cruzeiro

With the end of the Brazilian Championship 2023 on Wednesday (6), it will be Tempo Sports He assembled the Championship team only with players who played for the clubs Minas Gerais, América, Atlético and Cruzeiro. Gallo, who had the best campaign, was more prominent with nine representatives.

Every journalist in Tempo Sports Build the best team in Brazil 2023 with a goalkeeper, right back, left back, two defenders, three midfielders and three strikers. The most voted candidates were selected.

  • Iverson (Atletico): The best defensive goalkeeper in the Brazilian League (tied with Cruzeiro), Iverson was unanimous in Minas Gerais’ choice for O Tempo Sports. The Atletico defender made some memorable saves for the team, especially in the final half.
  • William (Cruzero): Fear of the fans When he was signed, right-back Raposa did more than initially expected. The player was a heavenly force on the right side with a defensive and offensive personality.
  • Luciano Castan (Cruzeiro)The most positive surprise for Cruzeiro this season is that defender Castan took over the starting lineup from the beginning and provided security for the Brazilian team’s less leaky defense.
  • Mauricio Lemos (Atletico): Gallo’s defense had its ups and downs in 2023, but Lemos was the second-most used and most consistent defender all year.
  • Guilherme Arana (Atletico): The left-back returned from a serious knee injury with the Brazilian championship already underway and needed some time to adapt. When he succeeded, he became an important part of the team and scored decisive goals.
  • Battaglia (Atletico): The Atletico midfielder was ruled out of the final stage of the Brazilian championship due to injury, but he was the team’s biggest positive surprise in 2023, at the head of the midfield.
  • Otavio (Atletico): The black and white midfielder overcame criticism and developed in the second part of the competition. Otavio became an important defensive player in Gallo’s midfield and took over after Battaglia was injured.
  • Zaracho (Atletico): The year has not been the best for the Argentine Atletico midfielder, even due to injuries, but given the teamwork put in by Gallo in this final phase of the Brazilian League, Zaracho looks like one of the standout stars.
  • Hulk (Atletico): The second player in the tournament with the most goals (10 goals and 15 assists), Hulk always stands out. The striker has not had the brightest year, but he has been decisive in many matches, especially alongside his new strike partner.
  • Paulinho (Atletico): Top scorer in the Brazilian League, striker Paulinho led Gallo’s march in the final half. After challenging the fans in the middle of the year, the player proved that he is a natural goalscorer with 20 balls in the net.
  • Mastriani (America): The striker is the one who saved America from a bad season in 2023. 11 goals were scored in the competition, and he is the sixth highest scorer in the Brazilian championship.
  • Felipao (Atletico): The experienced coach faced a lot of difficulties in the beginning, but he helped build the Atletico “team”, which finished third. It seems that Felipao has regained the confidence of the players.
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