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Cartola wraps up the season with a party and is already announcing new features for 2024 |  excellent

Cartola wraps up the season with a party and is already announcing new features for 2024 | excellent

The 2023 Cartola season is over! This Thursday (07), one day after the final round of the Brazilian League, the most popular fantasy game in Brazil gathered personalities and influencers in São Paulo for a closing ceremony. Reporter Joana de Assis and commentator Caio Ribeiro led the event.

The ceremony began with a summary of everything that happened in Cartola and Cartola Express in 2023 and a roundtable with the participation of Cassius Leitao, editor of Cartola, Guilherme Giavone, editor of Gato Mestre, and Cami Campos and Baezão, influencers of the game. .

The closing ceremony of Cartola 2023 featured a roundtable to talk about the season – Photography: Felipe Farid

– The increase in intervention points made the game more balanced for defenders. Captain variance has been reduced to 1.5x to make the game less random, giving less weight to the captain’s score. We monitor social media a lot, and these have been changes that card makers have embraced and enjoyed the most – highlighted Guilherme Giavone.

The hex talked about how the changes implemented in the game in 2023 have made the game more dynamic and competitive. The team of the season, which was organized in a 4-3-3 system, was also presented as follows:

  • Lucas Perry (Botafogo goalkeeper): 170.50 points
  • Marlon (Cruzeiro fullback): 258.80 points
  • – Juninho Capixaba (Bragantino fullback): 215.60 points
  • Victor Cuesta (Botafogo defender): 151.70 points
  • Joaquim (Santos defender): 139.50 points
  • – John Arias (Fluminense midfielder): 189.50 points
  • Rafael Vega (Palmiras midfielder): 200.40 points
  • Ranelli (Cuiaba midfielder): 162.20 points
  • Hulk (Atletico striker): 319.10 points
  • Paulinho (Atletico striker): 285.50 points
  • Luis Suarez (Gremio striker): 308.60 points

The ceremony was attended by guests – Photography: Felipe Farid

He was elected by popular vote, Cruzeiro full-back Marlon has won the 2023 Cartola Revelation Award. The player sent a video of the ceremony in which he commented on the award.

– Very happy with the award. I thank everyone who voted for me. Of course I chose myself too, I was the captain of my team. I particularly remember two games in which I scored a lot of points. Against Bragantino in the first round, and against Flamengo in which I scored a goal and made several tackles, I scored very well.

Marlon, from Cruzeiro, is unveiling the 2023 season for Cartola

Influencers from different pages also participated in the discussion and took to the stage to praise and provide constructive criticism of the season.

Fernando Pardal mediated the talk for Cartola Express, which distributed prizes of more than 17 million reais in 2023. In addition, Daily Fantasy has added other football leagues to its competition hall in addition to the Brazilian League, in addition to other sports, such as football Basketball (NBA), American football (NFL) and motor sports (Formula 1).

Bardal was welcomed to the stage by experts Eduardo Cruz and Professor Moura, who have won numerous awards at Express throughout the season. The two talked about their strategies for becoming Cartola Express winners.

Bardal welcomed Eduardo Cruz and Professor Moura to talk about Cartola Express – Photography: Felipe Farid

-I’ve been on this fantasy gaming path for 10 years. I started in Express with Campeonato Paulista and Express took me a lot out of my comfort zone when adopting strategies. Of course, Cartola Clássico also has a strategy, but the effect is much less than in Express. Daily fantasy makes us think a lot and choose different teams in multiple lineups. Volume is the most effective strategy for making gains on Express. It’s a competition of skill, not luck, said influencer Eduardo Cruz.

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Experts tell you how to make money in Cartola Express for those who start playing the fantasy game

Cassius Leitao, fantasy editor, has announced the arrival of Bolão do Cartola for 2024. Bolão is a guessing game and whoever gets the most guesses wins. It will be possible to predict victory or draw in many of the football championship matches available to play. Cardholders will be able to play Bolão from January 15. Each pool can have a maximum of 100 participants, and cardholders can create and participate in up to 10 leagues.

Bolão do Cartola is one of the new features for the 2024 season

-You know that game where you bring your friends together, usually during the World Cup finals? Now you will be able to do this all year round in Cartola. It’s the traditional way: you expect to win or draw every game. And you can create your own leagues with your friends and create pools with your friends. Whoever gets the most votes wins – Cassius highlighted.

Cassius Leitao presented the new Bolão do Cartola for 2024 – Photography: Felipe Farid

At Cartola Express, Rafael Sparay, Product Manager, presented the news for 2024. And look, they have already started in 2023, with the FIFA Club World Cup, which will be available in the game’s competition hall. In addition, the Champions League title and Paulistão are also confirmed in 2024. Check out the new Cartola Express feuds below.

New Cartola Express Disputes – Image: Reproduction

– I am from Botafogo and my strategy at the beginning of the tournament was to involve a lot of Botafogo players. Since no one expected this Botafogo campaign at first, it was able to record a very good result in April and win this prize of R$ 10,000.00.

Rio de Janeiro resident Antonio Martins de Almeida won the award for June and explained his strategy.

– You merged Gremio, Bragatino and Botafogo in June. I was a champion with these teams, and Tequinho was always the leader. At that time he was lying. I scored 390 runs in four innings.

The winner of the Cartola Premier League 2023 has been revealed. Caio Vitor Cavancalti da Silva won the grand prize of R$50,000 after finishing first in the league’s points tally. To compete, all you have to do is join the Cartola Premiary League by 10/15/2023.