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Find out if you’re among the 353,000 taxpayers covered

Find out if you’re among the 353,000 taxpayers covered

a tax authority paid 353.3 thousand taxpayers received income tax refunds. These are the people who were Included in the remaining paymentThat is, they sent the return late or with errors, and they could finally be returned only after settlement.

Income tax refund: Find out if you’re among the 353,000 covered taxpayers
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There is no specific schedule for the match Pay the remaining amount of the refund From income tax. In contrast, the Federal Revenue Service issues new payments once it analyzes returns filed after the deadline or corrected afterward. Falling into the fine mesh.

Who received the income tax refund in the last payment?

the last Pay your income tax refund It happened on April 30, where R$ 457,737,780.06 was released to 353,348 taxpayers, namely:

  • 5,469 elderly taxpayers over 80 years of age;
  • 38,119 taxpayers ages 60 to 79;
  • 4,816 taxpayers have some physical or mental disability or serious illness;
  • 12,220 taxpayers whose largest source of income is teaching;
  • 222,250 taxpayers who did not have statutory priority, but received priority because they used a pre-filled return or elected to receive their refund via PIX;
  • 70,474 non-priority taxpayers.

Deposit refund for deliveries made this year Starting May 31stCheck the official calendar In this regard.

Consult your income tax refund payment

Batch inquiry Income tax refund The same applies to those who are entitled to the remaining payment, or to those who will receive it at the usual time.

The Federal Revenue Portal is always opened one week before payment, i.e. for the first transfer on the 31st day Consultations will be available on May 24.

  • arrive to Federal Revenue website Click on “My Income Tax”;
  • Now, select “Refund Consultation” and then “Get Started”;
  • On the new page, enter your CPF number, date of birth and the year you sent the document;
  • Wait for confirmation.
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