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Avaí defeats Curitiba and wins first place in Series B

Avaí defeats Curitiba and wins first place in Series B

Avai beats Coritiba in Series B (Photo: @Coritiba, X, Reproduction)

Avai defeated Coritiba with a score of 1-0, winning the first match in Series B of the 2024 Brazilian Championship on Saturday evening (11), at the Resaacada Stadium, in Florianópolis.

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Avaí’s board pays part of the arrears, but the players decide not to focus

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The match was open from the first minutes and both goalkeepers had to show their abilities. In one of these opportunities, Cesar stretched out to block Lucas Rogne’s shot in the 14th minute of the first half.

Two minutes later, Marcos Vinicius sent a cross to Garces’ head, and the ball stopped at the post. In the 18th minute, it was Lucas Ronier’s turn to hit the post and scare the Leao da Ilha goalkeeper.

The winning goal came from a play by two athletes who ran throughout the game. Jean Lucas pulled into midfield and passed it to Ze Ricardo, who risked a shot from outside the area and relied on a deflection to score Avai’s first goal in Serie B.

With this win, Leao da Ilha jumped to 14th place with four points, while Kuksa occupies 13th place with the same score. Avai’s next match will be against CRB, on Tuesday (14), at 7 p.m., in Resacada, in Florianópolis. On the same day, Curitiba will host the Guarani, at 9:30 pm, at Estadio Coto Pereira, in Curitiba (PR).

Watch the goal and the best moments of the match Avaí 1 x 0 Coritiba

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