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Braskem and Ciência em Show bring knowledge and fun to the community

Braskem and Ciência em Show bring knowledge and fun to the community

The initiative includes scientific presentations and live experiments (Image: Disclosure)

In interactive shows with students from schools in the cities of Maua, Rio Grande da Serra, Ribeirão Pires and Cubatao, Grupo Ciência em Show addresses scientific topics in an uncomplicated and effective way, carrying out live experiments that arouse the curiosity of young children and even children.

Developed by scientists Anna Teresa Ralston, Gerson Juliao, and Daniel Angelo, founders of the group, at the invitation of the company, the project aims to teach and engage science in an uncomplicated and convenient way.

Presentations focus on experiments to provide students with more knowledge about the Ethylene Pipeline, a pipeline that transports ethylene gas from the Braskem unit at the ABC petrochemical complex to customers and their unit in Cubatao.

The Science in Show group presentation is experiential and interactive, focusing on Primary 2 students and lasting 45 minutes. On this occasion, students are encouraged to actively participate in the presentation and answer various questions posed by the observers. The group uses the concept of edutainment as a tool to extrapolate the form of transferring scientific content beyond its scope.

So far, 1,049 students have been affected and the number of participants is expected to reach approximately 2,500, including students and teachers, with the group being in 17 public and private spaces by the end of the first half of 2024.

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