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The well-being of the family passes through intelligent action: science confirms it

The well-being of the family passes through intelligent action: science confirms it

There are those who consider it a real revolution and those who have always adopted it, and on the other hand, still struggle to organize the day and separate leisure from work. But regardless of your experience, Smart work has benefits For parents and children, we can’t ignore that.

This is good news, coming from recent research, which confirms that working smart has benefits at the family level and specifically, in fact, It will improve the quality of sleep for the little onesAs well as the well-being of my mother and father.

After the health emergency, remote work has spread all over the world, as well as in our country, prompting us to face this new reality. If it were those who immediately adapted to the pace of intelligent work, then there are those who still suffer a little. What we can say for sure is that working from home is good for the whole family: science confirms it.

to me research Made by Flinders University In Australia and published in the scientific journal Sleep Medicine, children of intelligent working parents benefit from both quality and quantity of sleep. The study was conducted on a sample of more than 1,000 American children between the ages of one and eighteen months.

From the data collected, it was found that IThe average sleep of children increased 40 minutes, where they are used to having their mother at home all day, even if they are busy working on the computer. The benefits were It is also found in adults..: Working at home seems to increase daytime sleepiness and I feel tired.

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So, is working smart really that good? Yes, although we must pay due attention to Less positive consequences This is the new way to work. In fact, the same study showed, on the other hand, that if children’s sleep becomes longer and qualitatively higher, it also increases, on the other hand. Time spent in front of computersTablets and other devices.

This is an inevitable result. Children are actually bored of not being able to stay with and play with their parents, and choose to spend their time between cell phones and tablets. This is a fact that should definitely make us think about organizing children’s free time, but it also makes us understand that working from home can be beneficial. A solution to increase well-being General for the whole family.