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Brahma launches a disposable cell phone for the carnival

Brahma launches a disposable cell phone for the carnival

800 cell phone units distributed in Salvador and Rio de Janeiro; The device is offered as a solution to losses during celebrations

a Ampif She chose an unusual marketing strategy for this carnival. The beverage manufacturer, owner of Brahma Brewery, distributed 800 branded mobile phones for free positive For revelers in El Salvador and Rio de Janeiro.

The device is called “Brahma phone“, is offered as a solution to losses, robberies and thefts during the festival.

The device is simple and has only 6 features:

  • making calls;
  • Send a text message;
  • GPS access;
  • Access to transportation applications;
  • Access to the beverage delivery app Zé Delivery; that it
  • camera.

The company invested R$400 million in the event, according to the promotion regulations. here complete (PDF-71 KB). The device was introduced in Brahma Corporate Videolike “The best mobile phone in the world for 4 days“.

The devices were distributed on Thursday (February 8, 2024) and Friday (February 9) in Salvador (at the entrance to the Barra Ondina Carnival circuit) and in Rio de Janeiro (at the Tijuca Shopping Center).

400 mobile phones were distributed in every capital. Withdrawal was possible through registration and password. There was only one available for every person over 21.

The phone became a topic on social media, and was called “Cell phone thief“.

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