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Botafogo x Atletico PR: The match will end on Sunday, at 3 p.m., without an audience |  Brazilian series A

Botafogo x Atletico PR: The match will end on Sunday, at 3 p.m., without an audience | Brazilian series A

The game between Botafogo The Athletico-PR, which was suspended on Saturday, has been rescheduled for Sunday, at 3pm, without an audience, in Nilton Santos. The match was stopped five minutes after the start of the second half, and the score was 1-1.After the stadium lost power five times. Julio Avelar, Director of Competitions at the Brazilian Football Confederation, announced the decision live on the “Troca de Passes” program, on the sportv channel.

Julio Avelar, Competition Director of the Brazilian Football Confederation, announced the end date of the match between Botafogo and Atletico PR.

– It is important to make clear that the protocol was followed. Wait 30 minutes, then extend another 30, and the entire protocol was followed by the referee. It was decided that there was no longer any possibility of moving forward. The match has been suspended and rescheduled for tomorrow, at 3pm, behind closed doors at Nilton Santos Stadium – said the CBF’s competition director.

According to Julio Avelar, the final minutes of the match between Botafogo and Atletico will be played without an audience. The CBF director’s justification is that the police cannot guarantee the safety of fans on the same day as the classic match between Flamengo and Vasco, who will face each other at 4 p.m., at the Maracanã.

Nilton Santos Stadium will not receive the public this Sunday – Photography: Jiba Perez

– It is a decision we must make (the match without an audience), given the El Clásico between Flamengo and Vasco. There is an obstacle on the part of public security in Rio de Janeiro. “So, the best decision to make is for this match to continue for the remaining 39 minutes on Sunday behind closed doors,” Julio Avelar said.

– Botafogo may feel hurt (playing without fans), but we are dealing with an unusual reality. He added: We have public safety restrictions.

Throughout the first half of the match, which started at 9pm on Saturday, there were four stoppages due to lack of lighting. In all, the first stage took more than an hour and ended one minute before the end. While the match proceeded normally after the first down, the VAR system was offline, and the match’s two goals were subject to refereeing controversy.

Referee Matthews Deglado announced that the match had been stopped permanently

At the beginning of the second half, there was a fifth power outage. Referee Matthews Delgado Kandanchan decided to stop the match for 30 minutes, and the two teams returned to the locker room. After another 30 minutes of interruption, the match was stopped.

Players of both teams talking during a pause due to lack of light – Photo: André Durão / ge

This time, a large portion of the stadium remained unlit. After problems at the beginning of the match, the light was maintained using a generator. But the electrical system failed again. After the return, the ball continued until the 63rd minute of the first half, when the match ended again.

The match between Botafogo and Atletico PR was halted due to another power outage

The second half started normally after a 25-minute break, ten minutes longer than usual. Once the ball rolled in the final stretch, some of the lights went out, but the game continued.

Tequinho scores Botafogo’s goal. Atletico players called for a foul against the striker

Within five minutes, there was a fifth power outage. The referee tried to restart the game, but just as the ball was about to roll, more lights went out. Botafogo fans lit lanterns to illuminate and celebrate at Nilton Santos. The attendees, who numbered more than 30,000, sang during the power outage, but most of the fans left the stadium little by little during that period without a match. After an hour had passed, the match was stopped.

Pablo scores Atletico’s goal. Botafogo complained that the attacker was an offside

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