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Marcus Hermann leaves Grêmio's deputy football position after defeat to Fortaleza |  Syndicate

Marcus Hermann leaves Grêmio’s deputy football position after defeat to Fortaleza | Syndicate

After Grêmio’s loss to Fortaleza on Wednesday, at Arena Castelão, soccer team vice president Marcus Hermann announced that he had resigned. The official warned that his departure was an attempt to “breathe and create a new suit” in the soccer department.

In a quick statement, Hermann announced that he was leaving the football department. He apologized to fans for the Grêmio moment, but also made a plea for fans to continue supporting the team.

– I am resigning as Vice President of Football, because I think it is important that we give her a break. Now comes a new technical committee. It is important to breathe new air, create a new reality and move forward in life. We have a change of course, which we do, it’s very difficult. I admit I didn’t know it was so hard. But the club is able to overcome this difficult moment. I repeat: it is essential that our fans support the club and especially the players.

Marcus Hermann has left his position as deputy for the Grêmio football team – Photo: Lucas Uebel / DVG / Grêmio

With a seat on the board, Marcus Hermann took over the club’s football position in April. One of the first actions of his portfolio management was the announcement of Tiago Nunes, who replaced Renato Portaluppi.

Hermann also took part in the appointment of Filipao, who got off to a good start in Brazil, but the team struggled again and failed to leave the last places in the competition. The team was also eliminated from the Copa Brazil and Copa Sudamericana.