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Bluesky boss says Elon Musk killed Twitter

Bluesky boss says Elon Musk killed Twitter

Jay Graber announces that X’s owner has “radically changed” the social network; The competitor was created by former managers of the platform

CEO of the sky is blueJay Graber, 33 years old, said that the owner of X (former Twitter), Elon Musk “killing” Social network.

“Elon Musk It radically changed what Twitter was. The old Twitter is dead.” He announced in an interview with the newspaper Folha des Paulo Published on Friday (June 21, 2024).

Bluesky was founded by former Company X executives who left the company after the platform was purchased by Tesla’s owner.

The social network is referred to as a competitor to the former Twitter, mainly because it has some similar functions. However, managers deny the similarity.

“Saying we are similar to X is like saying Netflix is ​​like television in the 1950s.” said BlueSky Chief Operating Officer Rose Wang.

the sky is blue

Bluesky is a decentralized social network developed by its founder Jay Graber.

The board of directors consists of Jack Dorsey (founder and former CEO of X when the platform was still called Twitter), and Jeremy Miller, inventor of Jabber/XMPP technologies.

In 2023, Bluesky gained recognition, mainly from X users dissatisfied with Elon Musk’s acquisition.

Until January 7, Bluesky registration was available only by invitation. Currently, the platform has free access.

President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva PT was one of the first authorities to join the platform, along with ministers and representatives.

Government officials threatened to abandon X and use Bluesky only after the billionaire criticized the Brazilian judiciary and Minister Alexandre de Moraes of the STF (Federal Supreme Court). However, they have kept their profiles active on Musk’s social network.

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