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consent!  The Lab chicken will be sold in the United States

consent! The Lab chicken will be sold in the United States

Attention, vegans! According to the Washington Post, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has authorized two companies to begin selling chicken products grown using in vitro cells. The meat is made by mixing nutrients with animal cells in stainless steel tanks.

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The two certified companies, Upside Foods and Good Meat, are headquartered in California. Both hope the products can substitute for butchered meat, boosting a significant carbon footprint while processing it. Therefore, in addition to the attractiveness of animals, companies are also betting on this issue continuous.

How is laboratory meat produced?

The process of making meat made by science is called cultured meat, by taking samples of cells from the tissues of a live animal. Contrary to popular belief, the USDA claims that cell collection does not harm or kill the animal.

According to the Associated Press, the cells are tracked and stored in a pool of cells after they are collected. Then they are collected and transferred to preparation containers; Large steel tanks are usually enclosed. In these tanks, which act as bioreactors, cells multiply rapidly.

The USDA explains that manufacturers provide cells with nutrients, a surface on which cells grow, and growth factors protein. With this, they can differentiate between muscle, fat and connective tissue, just like normal chicken. After differentiation, they are collected from tanks and prepared using conventional food processing and packaging methods.