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List of recipients published;  100K for users with CPFs from 0 to 9!

List of recipients published; 100K for users with CPFs from 0 to 9!

the program Sao paulo tax billAn initiative of the government Sao PauloTo encourage consumers to register their data CPF in invoices upon manufacture Your purchases. Not only does this program directly benefit consumers through financial returns, it is also essential in the fight against tax evasion, and contributes significantly to the economic strengthening of the São Paulo region.

How does Paulista Invoice work?

Nota Fiscal Paulista returns a portion of the ICMS collected from its purchases to consumers. Furthermore, the program encourages transparent business practices and improves business supervision. Participants in the program enjoy a series of benefits ranging from financial returns to participation in monthly draws for cash prizes.

What are the main benefits of the CPF in the memorandum?

  • Financial return on the portion of ICMS paid on purchases.
  • Opportunities to win financial prizes through lottery.
  • Ease and practicality in obtaining and using accumulated credits.

How to register in Nota Fiscal Paulista?

To join this program and start enjoying its many benefits, the process is simple and entirely digital:

  1. Access the portal of the Ministry of Finance of the State of São Paulo.
  2. Go to the “Individuals Registration” section and fill in the required personal data.
  3. Complete your registration with contact information and create a secure password.
  4. ready! You can now include your CPF in future purchases to accumulate credits.

After completing your registration, you are eligible to receive all the benefits offered by the program.

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São Paulo Bill No. 187 draw: R$1 million and more prizes!

Pumpkin Paulista Bill No. 187 Prizes worth R$6.7 million were handed out, with one lucky person from the Pinheiros neighborhood in São Paulo winning the main prize of R$1 million! Four other residents of the capital, São Paulo, also received 500,000 Brazilian riyals each.

Find out the full list of winners and participate in the following draws:

Main prizesFrom lottery 187 District/municipality/state
First Prize – R$1,000,000.00 Vila Albertina/Sao Paulo/SP
Second Prize – R$ 500,000.00 Chakara Flora/Valinhos/SP
Third Prize – R$ 500,000.00 because. N. Sra das Grasas/Boytová/SP
Fourth Prize – R$ 500,000.00 Cerqueira Cesar/São Paulo/SP
Fifth Prize – R$ 500,000.00 Moca/Sao Paulo/SP
Sixth Prize – R$ 100,000.00 Villa Lambari/Mokoka/SP
Seventh Prize – R$ 100,000.00 Lives. Alto Andorinhas/São José do Rio Preto/SP
Eighth Prize – R$ 100,000.00 Centre/Sao Roque/SP
Ninth Prize – R$100,000.00 Barra Funda/São Paulo/SP
10th Prize – R$100,000.00 Dinar. Santo Antonio/Santo Andre/SP
Eleventh Prize – R$ 100,000.00 Caxambu/Gondiai/SP
Twelfth Prize – R$ 100,000.00 Jaragua/São Paulo/SP
Thirteenth Prize – R$ 100,000.00 Phil Medalha/Birago/SP
Fourteenth Prize – R$ 100,000.00 Piratinenga/Osasco/SP
15th Prize – R$ 100,000.00 Casa Verde Alta/São Paulo/SP
Paulista tax bill

How to participate in Sao Paulo Bill:

  1. Ask CPF in note: When shopping in São Paulo, ask for your CPF number to be included on the invoice.
  2. Ticket collection: For every R$100 in purchases, you receive an electronic ticket for the raffle.
  3. Follow the lottery: Withdrawals are monthly. Visit the Nota Fiscal Paulista website to see the results.
  4. Redeem your prizes: If you are drawn, receive the cash prize directly into your bank account.
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In addition to the prizes, you help fight tax evasion and can use your credits to reduce IPVA or transfer them to your current account.

do not waste time! Claim CPF on Note and compete for amazing prizes on Nota Fiscal Paulista!

How do the program draws work?

Nota Fiscal Paulista’s monthly draws serve as an additional incentive for consumers who keep their CPF active when shopping. Every purchase of R$ 100.00 automatically creates an electronic ticket to participate in the draws, the prizes of which are varied, increasing public interest in the program.

Step by step to redeem your credits:

  1. Log in to the platform using your username and password.
  2. Access the designated area to redeem the balance and choose the desired option for pickup.
  3. Refer to the bank account to transfer the amount.

Credits can be requested at any time during a one-year period, and funds can take up to 20 business days to transfer. Participation in this program not only provides financial benefits, but also increases the quality of financial management and overall transparency, strengthening the local economic system.