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Will the FGTS Anniversary Withdrawal end?  Understand the government’s decision

Will the FGTS Anniversary Withdrawal end? Understand the government’s decision

The Time in Service Guarantee Fund (FGTS) is a resource provided to workers to help them during periods of unemployment, and acts as a financial reserve. Therefore, one of the withdrawal options at FGTS is the Birthday Withdrawal, which allows workers to withdraw a portion of their account balance every year, in their birthday month.

However, many are wondering whether or not the federal government will shut down this method. Find out more details about the decision made regarding this type of withdrawal below!

Understand how the FGTS Birthday Draw works

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The FGTS, a fund set up to provide financial support in the event of unemployment, has rules that sometimes limit a worker’s freedom to use these resources. The Christmas withdrawal came as a flexible solution that allows withdrawals that do not require extreme cases such as unemployment. This includes the possibility of using these resources for investment or even repayment of debt.

But there was a proposal to end this type of withdrawal. But this idea was met with great resistance from workers and class entities. After much discussion and evaluation of the consequences that such an action might entail, the government decided not only to maintain the annual withdrawal, but also to strengthen it.

What alternatives were discussed?

In reevaluating this measure, several alternatives to expanding credit options for workers were discussed, including expansion lend sender. However, these proposals have also sparked debates about debt risks, raising questions about the true effectiveness of these alternative solutions.

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Despite intense disagreements and discussions, the decision to maintain the FGTS withdrawal was widely seen as a victory for workers. This not only ensures that an important source of resources is maintained, but also highlights the need to preserve rights that directly impact the quality of life of employees.

Image: Etalbr / Shutterstock.com – Version: Your digital stock