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Biden invites Maloney to visit US in July

Biden invites Maloney to visit US in July

US President Joe Biden invited Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni to the White House in July.

The US government said the meeting was planned during a telephone conversation between the two leaders on Monday (26).

Although the month has been released, the date of the Italian head of government’s visit has not yet been announced.

In the phone call, Biden and Meloni reaffirmed their support for Ukraine and discussed recent events in North Africa. The Prime Minister also spoke about Rome’s commitment to the Mediterranean.

And according to the White House, the conversation took place “as part of close cooperation” with its allies and partners after “recent events in Russia,” such as the crisis fueled by the Wagner group’s mercenaries.

Meloni’s visit had already been planned since Italian Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani visited Washington earlier this month. At the ceremony, the president said the two countries were bound by “strong bonds”.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said he admired Meloni’s “strong leadership” and praised Italy’s actions in the conflict in Ukraine. .

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