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'Significant and symbolic': Humanitarian groups criticize US aid to Gaza

'Significant and symbolic': Humanitarian groups criticize US aid to Gaza

The organizations said exports were lower than needed and the US should pressure Israel to allow convoys to enter by land.

Joe Biden and Gaza were destroyed by Israeli stupidity

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Sputnik Brazil – Humanitarian aid agencies have described the delivery of food dropped by US military cargo planes to the Gaza Strip this Saturday (2) as futile and symbolic.

The operation was carried out by American C-130 aircraft with the help of the Jordanian Air Force and consisted only of sending food to the enclave without adding water. “Today's airdrop was successful. This is an important test to show that we can do it again in the coming days and weeks,” a senior US government official said.

The U.S. Central Command said more than 38,000 food items had been dropped off the coast of the Gaza Strip, the first in a series of humanitarian aid deliveries. The air launch was chosen in view of the Israeli ban on sending humanitarian aid by land.

However, humanitarian aid organizations warn that Washington's aid is ineffective and say it is a public relations ploy. “Airdrops [dos EUA] They are coded and designed to satisfy the domestic base. In fact, what needs to happen is more ground shipping and more trucks arriving every day [no enclave]”, he said Interview Al Jazeera, Dave Horton, former director of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in the West Bank.

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“I think America is weak [no envio de ajuda] That really disappointed me. The United States has the ability to force Israel to provide more aid, and by not doing so, we are putting our assets and people at risk and creating more chaos in Gaza,” he added.

The UK-based Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) also criticized Washington's move, and said the US “must act to ensure that Israel immediately opens all land routes to Gaza for humanitarian aid”.

Director of Oxfam, on the other hand, A Mail The actions of US President Joe Biden's administration were published on social media as an attempt to appease the conscience of US officials.

“Releasing a small, symbolic amount of aid into Gaza without any plan for safe delivery will not help, even if the Palestinians in Gaza are forced to a state of complete breakdown. [a solucionar o problema] and is deeply humiliating to the Palestinians,” Scott Ball said in a statement on the social networking site X (formerly Twitter).