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Behind the scenes of the case, Douglas Costa in Grêmio felt uncomfortable and disturbed and Mancini intervened, newspaper says

Behind the scenes of the case, Douglas Costa in Grêmio felt uncomfortable and disturbed and Mancini intervened, newspaper says

Camisa 10 do Grêmio was angry after he asked to participate in his wedding, in Rio de Janeiro, and was turned down by club managers from Rio Grande do Sul, who in turn believed the request was unreasonable.

main contract on Syndicate for this season, Attacking midfielder Douglas Costa isn’t having his best moment in his relationship with the club. newly, The player asked the council to release him to attend his weddingin Rio de Janeiro, The player asked for “illness” and “irritability” behind the scenesAs published by the newspaper “GaúchaZH” on Wednesday (8).

The celebration was scheduled last Tuesday (7), at the Copacabana Palace Hotel, in the southern region of Rio de Janeiro. Douglas submitted the application to the Board of Directors the day before, on Monday (6), But the same has been considered misplaced for the entire environment surrounding the club, as the team struggles against relegation in Brazil.. The player has argued that he will return to Porto Alegre on Wednesday, but all the other professionals are already focused since the end of training on Tuesday.

Also according to the vehicle, Some influential people in the three colors suggested removing it, in order to remove those who are out of focus from an environment that demands maximum attention, as the club risks relegating to B . series in this bra. Then coach Wagner Mancini intervened and asked him to continue to focus. Douglas will even be tied for the decisive match on Thursday (9), against Atletico MG, in the ring, but it is not yet known whether it was the start or the backup.

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Douglas, in turn, was angry about what had happened. Not authorized to leave the hotel where Grêmio is focused, the 10 jersey has submitted all his posts and mentions to the club from Rio Grande do Sul on social networks. This is because, on the part of the athlete, he had already communicated about the wedding since his presentation, even reporting that he would miss some games.

The COVID-19 pandemic situation worsened during this period, and the event had to be cancelled. Douglas then traveled to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, for part of the celebration, and rescheduled the ceremony at Copacabana Palace for December 7.

At this point, the Brazilian League should have been closed, more specifically last Sunday (5), but on October 1, the Brazilian Football Confederation announced that it would take another four days to finish the competition. Even with this change, Douglas did not reschedule the event.