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Elton Chávez has passed away, at the age of 84, champion of Atlético and Cruzeiro

Football in Minas Gerais in mourning. He passed away this Thursday, in the Mater Dei Hospital, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, at the age of 84, Elton ChavezFormer player in The AtlanticAnd the USA e Sea trip, Who has also coached the three major clubs in Minas. He has been hospitalized frequently since January, with persistent anemia problems and complications from Alzheimer’s disease.

Ilton de Oliveira Chaves was born in Itinga, in the Jequitinhonha Valley, on March 28, 1937. He started his career as a midfielder at Tefilo Otoni’s Amrica, in 1955, and then moved to the Atlantic, where he definitely settled as a leading name in Minas Gerais football.

(Photo: personal archive)

Elton Chaves wore the jersey five seasons and was a miner three times (1955/56 & 58). The former midfielder has also passed through America and defended America – RJ. However, he was in Cruzeiro, where he arrived in 1964, reaching revelation as a player, as he participated in the historic conquest of Taa Brasil in 1966, alongside stars like Tosto, Dirceu Lopes, Natal, and more. In the decision, the Celestial Team defeated Santos, Bale and his comrades, who were considered the best Brazilian team at that time. With the Fox, he raised the State Cup on 1965/66/67/68.

Elton Chávez wore the Brazil national team shirt in 1963 and competed in the South American Championship, now known as the Copa America. Brazil finished fourth. In the same year, he defended Celio Minera, who won the Brazilian national team title.

(Photo: Minas State Archive - 29/06/1997)

Success as a coach

Elton Chavez was a successful coach, too. He started in Cruzeiro, in 1969, as an aide, and quickly took up the position on a temporary basis. In the Celestial Club, he was a miner four times from 1972 to 1975. He was runner-up at the 1974 Brazil Championship, when Raposa was lost by Vasco in the decision. He also won the Minas Gerais Ta race in 1973.

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Elton Chaves was the coach who often headed Cruzeiro: in 389 matches, he had 213 wins, drawn 89 times and lost 87 times, by 62.38%. He also led teams from all over the country like Valrio, Villa Nova and Guarani from Divinpolis, Uberaba, Uberlndia and Tupi.

In the Atlantic, Elton Chavez was the coach who led the team to the 1986. Minero Championship Cup. He also led America, in 1977, and had lanes driving Cear, Sport, Santa Cruz, Nutico and Santos. In 1988, the former coach worked for Al Rayyan Qatari club.