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Bebeko scores first goal at State Stadium and sees Santa Cruz more consistent after firing his coach | holy cross

Bebeko scored for Arruda to open the scoring in Santa Cruz’s 3-1 win over Central. A decisive result for the future of the club – who need to finish the first stage of Pernambucano in fourth place to guarantee a schedule for the 2024 Brazilian.

Pipico eats a goal he scored against Santa Cruz x Central – Photo: Marlon Costa/Pernambuco Press

Between charges and changes at the club, the 38-year-old striker scored his first goal in the state championship – the other three came out in Nordestão and Copa do Brasil – and, in addition, became decisive to replace Santa Cruz inside the Pernambuco ranking zone, now in fifth place.

– We are always looking for victories. Unfortunately, we came from five negative results. We know that the shirt we wear, which is heavy, has a lot of pressure. The group pulled together more, – says the athlete.

Santa Cruz vs Central – The best moments

Since the beginning of this month, Santa Cruz has only defeated Sampaio Correia – in a duel for the Northeast Cup. After that, he lost four – to Ferroviario, Sport, América-MG and Fortaleza – and won only one point, in the second classic match against Sport.

Thus, the invasion of Central broke a five-game winless fast, prompting the dismissal of coach Raniel Ribeiro – who was sacked and replaced by Felipe Conceicao, who made his debut in Saturday’s game.

15 minutes into the first half – a goal from outside the Bibico de Santa Cruz area against Central

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