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Only one player attends the Florida legend's funeral

Only one player attends the Florida legend's funeral

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Marcelo Lomba was unveiled at Flamengo, and was the only athlete to participate in Diner's final farewell

The first days of 2024 were marked by mourning at Flamengo. Denier died on Monday (01) after a struggle with cancer. This Tuesday (02), the body of the eternal masseur was in Javea for solace. However, the legend, which the players loved so much, did not receive visits from athletes from the red and black team. Among the active professionals, only Marcelo Lomba, created by the club and currently at Palmeiras, was present at the ceremony.

Most of the Flamengo team members travel to enjoy the last week of vacation. The directors include Vice President of Football Marcos Braz, Vice President of Base Vitor Zanelli, CEO Rinaldo Belotti, Executive Director of Football Bruno Spindel and Superintendent Gabriele Skinner. Moreover, doctor Marcio Tanori also appeared at the scene.

The person who also said goodbye to Diner was former president Eduardo Bandeira de Mello, the club's president from 2013 to 2018. But current president Rodolfo Landim was absent, as he was traveling in Sergipe. After the ceremony held in the morning, the body of the Flamengo legend was taken for burial in the Jardim da Sudade Cemetery, in Mesquita, Baixada. Fluminense.

Former athletes are there

Some former players with a history at Flamengo have gone to Gávea's headquarters, such as Adílio and Athirson. The former left-back took the opportunity to reminisce about the good times with the eternal Denier, who worked for 42 years at Rubro Negro.

He was very wise and had a lot of knowledge about our psychological side as well. There were moments when we didn't think we could recover from the injury, and he was there all the time: “You will play, you will help us.” I remember the argument I had with Mancuso at the Maracanã, where Denier embraced me, pushed me into the bathroom and turned on the cold water: “Chill your head.” He wouldn't let me leave until I had cooled my head – Atherson said, according to General Electric.


Thus, Denyer passed away at the age of 75, after a struggle with brain cancer. The masseur was admitted to hospital last year, underwent surgery to remove the tumor and was discharged. However, in the last week of 2023, the legend fell ill again and died on the first day of the year.

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