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Beatrice vows to take action against Davy if she is booted from BBB 24

Beatrice vows to take action against Davy if she is booted from BBB 24

In conversation with Alan outside BP24, Beatrice promised to take action against DavidIf she is eliminated from the reality show this Thursday (11).

After criticizing her brother, she promised that she would not lower her head to him. “What's more, if I go out today, I don't want to hug him! Don't hug me, don't talk to me,” he said.

“I'll talk to people I know like me, who have never insulted me to the point of saying I don't know who I am. I know who I am! I'm Sissy's daughter, Joelle, oh my God, I'm Bruna's sister, Guilherme and Felipe's sister. Put yourself in your place,” said the saleswoman. “And I will turn my back on him.”

Shortly afterwards, she admits that she is afraid she will ruin her game due to her positioning, but Alan advises her.

“You haven't failed. You're just putting yourself down. Even if God forbids you to leave, which won't happen, you will leave following your heart, and there's nothing more beautiful than that. But you won't leave,” he says.

Beatrice asks if Alan feels that way, and she repeats that. “You won't get out.”


Shortly after he announced that he would implement a joint effort to eliminate David BP24, Beatrice's team changed its decision and chose to target Isabel. to Itataia pollThis strategy may have had a positive impact on the seller.

The partial at 6pm on Thursday (11), the day one of the three will be eliminated from the match, indicates Isabelle has been eliminated with 47.58% of the votes to leave.

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Beatrice appears at 42.57%, meaning that until the official vote is over, many things can still happen. Davi already has just 9.85% of the vote to leave and is practically guaranteed a place in the top four.