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Sony, Warner and Universal are taking to court against Elon Musk’s US Entertainment

Sony, Warner and Universal are taking to court against Elon Musk’s US Entertainment

The world’s largest music publishers, Sony Warner and Universal, filed a lawsuit last week in the United States. v. X Corp., Elon Musk’s companyto use Music on Twitter without paying royalties.

The claim for infringement of these rights amounts to US$250 million, approximately R$1.2 billion.

A representative of the publishers told Music Business Worldwide that Twitter, which is now owned by Elon MuskIt is the only major social network that does not pay royalties to publishers for using music on the platform.

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Other heavyweight names among the platforms, such as SpotifyAnd YoutubeAnd FacebookAnd Instagram and Tiktok are among those who have already reached an agreement with multinational companies in the music sector to license the use of these tracks.

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In the complaint obtained by the site, the editors say that “Twitter fuels its business with numerous violations related to musical compositions, violating the exclusive rights of publishers and others under copyright law.”


The text in the lawsuit adds: “While many of Twitter’s competitors respect the need for appropriate licenses and agreements to use music tracks on their platforms, Twitter fails to do so, instead causing massive copyright violations that harm users and music creators.”

So far, Elon Musk and Twitter have not yet commented on the action.

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