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BBB Poll 24: Beatrice, Fernanda or Giovanna

BBB Poll 24: Beatrice, Fernanda or Giovanna

Beatrice, Fernanda and Giovanna compete for the 15th wall of BBB 24 (Photo: Globo, Disclosure)

The fifteenth wall of BBB 24 is formed by Beatrice, Fernanda and Giovanna in the spotlight and vying to remain in the most watched house in the country. Formation took place on Friday (29th) and elimination will take place on Sunday (31st), in BBB Turbo mode. Read on to find out how the wall was formed and voted in the poll.

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BBB 24 Wall Survey 15th

In the vote to choose who will leave, the participant with the most votes in this 15th wall of BBB 24 will be eliminated. Poll voting:

How to vote on BBB 24

In the first six walls, the realistic vote went to staying at home. Thus, the participant who received the lowest votes for that week was eliminated. However, now he will be a participant Most votes Who says goodbye to home?

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Understand the controversy surrounding Luciano Hack and former BBB 24 participant

Another change is that there are two types of votes: public vote and individual vote. The propeller model is the “mutirões” model com.gshow, with no voting limit. One voice, as its name suggests, is unique. To do this, you must register on the Globo website and submit your CPF.

The voting result is a weighted average of the two voting models, taking into account a weight of 50% in each method. I wasn't sure how to work, click here See an example of calculating a mixed voting system.

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How the BBB's 15th Wall Was Formed 24

The formation of the 15th Wall began with Bettel's unprecedented leadership, even securing a car. After the victory, the new leader has already placed Matthäus and Beatrice in her “Mira”, this Thursday (28). With the return of BBB Turbo, with more than one elimination per week, the power of the Wildcard and the testing of the back and forth is not present in the dynamics of this wall.

Matheus wins Prova do Anjo for the fourth time and secures immunity at BBB 24

This Friday (29), participants competed in the Autoimmune Angel Test and Mateusz won and managed to escape from the “Mira da Lider”. With Beatrice only as an option for direct nomination by Bethel, shortly after the angel's consecration, the participants of Grupo Vada (Alain, Beatrice, Davi, Isabelle and Matthäus) had already begun to think about voting.

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While Beatrice wanted to add voices for Giovanna, Davi advocated joining forces to put Fernanda on the wall. After a long discussion, which had to be mediated by Matthews, the group reached a consensus and decided that everyone would vote for Fernanda as their first choice.

BBB 25 registration must be in original format

The agreement was implemented during the confessional vote and Fernanda received five votes while Alan came in second with four votes. According to this week's dynamics, Alan was able to pull someone else into the spotlight and chose Giovanna.

Thus the fifteenth wall of BBB 24 was formed by Beatrice, Fernanda and Giovanna.

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