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The ninth and final season gets a US premiere date

The ninth and final season gets a US premiere date

The final season of The Flash, starring Grant Gustin, is “epic and full of twists and surprises,” according to The CW's president of entertainment.

In May of this year, C.W. It was stated that the ninth and final season of the light It will not arrive on American television until 2023. Then the broadcaster recently confirmed this information, revealing the premiere date for the episodes that are supposed to conclude the plot of the tournament. Grant Gustin.

Speculation about the end of the series has been dominating social media for a few months, after information emerged about renewing the film’s contract. Justin. It turned out that the star agreed in the documents to extend his work in the series for an additional year only, not to exceed 15 episodes.

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This way the final season of the light It's finally got a US release date. With only 13 episodes – it follows the same formula as the final season of the series Arrowwhich consists of 10 chapters -, the final year of the series about the super-fast hero premieres today February 8, 2023.

the light It will be remembered as one of the greatest series in history C.W.“Everyone involved in his nine excellent seasons should be extremely proud,” he said. Brad Schwartzhead of entertainment at C.W.. It is important to point out, however, that the final season of the light It doesn't have a release date yet in Brazil, but it should be broadcast on Canal Warner.

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The team delivered an epic season full of ups and downs, guest stars and surprises that will delight fans. Now is the time to catch up and enjoy this amazing final ride alongside the fastest man in the world. refrigerator.

The last season of the light It will arrive a few months before the Warner/DC film of the same title. The film, which has recently released to a very positive test screening, is a hero film Ezra Miller It should hit theaters in North America that day June 16, 2023.

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