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Rodriginho comments on his participation in the reality show and admits remorse and catharsis.  “I couldn't handle it”

Rodriginho comments on his participation in the reality show and admits remorse and catharsis. “I couldn't handle it”

Rodriguinho takes stock of his involvement in “BBB 24” and admits his regret.

Photo: Reproduction, Globo TV/Purepeople

the singer Rodriginho , He was eliminated with one of the major rejections of the seasonBP24'was involved in many controversies within the reality show, especially because of what He said regarding Jasmine Brunet's bodyWhat I didn't want to have any more contact with celebrities.

After his departure from the BBB, Rodriginho expressed remorse for some of his actions. the singer, Who ended up getting beaten up Donna Dia In “Domingo”In a new interview with the newspaper O Globo, he commented on everything that happened in the most watched house in Brazil.

“It was one of the most incredible and at the same time difficult experiences so far. Overall, I think my participation was good. I participated in more than half of the program, and this is already a triumph in the emotional circumstances I was living in.” It was in. I really couldn't take it anymore, I was really sick, I miss him, I miss him. “At the same time, I was suffering from insomnia, anxiety, and stomach pain, and it was difficult for me.”

“But I see that there are more positive points. Nothing is lost in life. What was not wonderful becomes learning. What was was becoming longing. Many things have been misinterpreted. They have taken what I said out of context. Even what I did I do not say came to me, But in the end, when I weighed it on the scales, it was worth a lot. […] I realize that the audience understood that I had no bad intentions in my speeches and that they were following me in my learning. The singer added that my participation is more positive than negative.

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