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BBB 24: The leader makes a controversial decision regarding the monster at 4 am;  He watches

BBB 24: The leader makes a controversial decision regarding the monster at 4 am; He watches

Giovanna and Lady Elaine went to the Commander's room while everyone was asleep, in the BBB 24 house, in the early hours of Sunday (24). Looking at the central leader board, the girl from Minas Gerais remembered that she could activate the Beast Punishment at any time. She encouraged Lydie to activate the button.

At around 4 a.m., the nutritionist activated the punishment ring, waking up Isabelle and Matthews – who were asleep in the fairy room. The duo got up and went to the outside area to complete the dynamic. They got the monster's punishment after Beetle won the angel's trial.

Proof of ownership

The BBB 24 brothers conducted an angel test on Saturday afternoon (23). The dynamics this time are autoimmune and will guarantee another week at home and a place among the top ten in the edition, as well as R$ 10,000 for the Beetle, who achieved the best time to complete the racetrack, which is speed.

One by one, participants began participating in the dynamic by pressing the button that started the timer. To take the test, the brothers had to complete challenges in three different environments: a bedroom, a pool party, and a kitchen.

The first environment was a puzzle that participants needed to put together after finding the hidden pieces. In the second condition, they had to find three cans and place them upside down on the screen. The third followed the previous dynamic, but they needed to find four bottles.

The brothers had to complete activities in the environment before moving on to the next stage. Anyone who opens the door to the next room before completing the task will be eliminated.

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