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BBB 24: MC Bin Laden exposes Wanessa's game

BBB 24: MC Bin Laden exposes Wanessa's game

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After forming a new wall on Big Brother Brasil (BBB 24), MC Bin Laden made an honest outburst about his vote for Wanessa Camargo. During a conversation with the leader Lucas HenriqueThe singer stated that the atmosphere was tense inside the house where the singer lived.

“To be honest, I'm uncomfortable with some of the chaos that Wanessa has made, but I'm not going to spend all my time sorting it out. But I told Rodryginho: 'Brazil sees us seeing the things we see from Wanessa and you've been talking all week.Brother announced. Bin Laden was the only participant who nominated Wanessa for the Eighth Wall Championship, which took place on Sunday evening (11).

Then he said: “I don't feel comfortable. When I arrive, she changes the subject. When I sit down, she leaves. This happens all the time, more than once. There was a breakup. She passes by and doesn't say hello and 'I don't say hello either.' For him, his criticism is limited to the game played by Zizi de Camargo's daughter.

“I don't have anything against her personally. As for the match, I'm against the way she's playing, because she shot Davey and after a while she was talking to Davey.”“, said the funk player. To the surprise of the participants, this time the vote on Paredao was held openly in the room, instead of in the confessional. David, Isabel that it Marcus Vinicius They face eighth place in the edition.

The target of acid and racist comments from Wanessa Camargo, the app's driver from Bahia, even considered leaving the program: “What if I have a heart attack?” newly, Davi surpassed Rodriginho in the number of followers on social media.

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