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Support against David grows and nepotism is at risk

Support against David grows and nepotism is at risk

Those who gain favoritism too early in the program end up giving themselves time to unlock “power against”. And I see this happening a lot with David. From the beginning he had his differences [?]But nepotism was accumulating here.”

According to the commentator, the story of David, his persecution, and his stances captivated the audienceWho now needs to keep the “positive” focus on his brother.

Davey's time as a favorite, without many new things happening around him, also ends up creating a force against him. And I'm seeing more and more support for Davey. Today, I don't think he has much of a chance to become a champion anymore. [do BBB 24]Because there will be other people with less rejection. Chico Barney

Barbara Sarini rated Yesterday's Edition a must”He “set the tone” of what was true and what was not true regarding the conversation with Davy, and failed to allow the audience to speculate. “Liberating, letting these things pass, increases this rejection of him and undermines his image [de favorito]”.

The journalist also says that the person who benefits from this is IsabelWho does not have “fans against” his brother or enemies in the game.

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