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Artists Rally Against Limited Healthcare Plans - 06/08/2022

Artists Rally Against Limited Healthcare Plans – 06/08/2022

Ministers to the Supreme Court of Justice (STJ) are appealing today a ruling that will determine whether prescribing illnesses and medical procedures that can be covered by health plans, cited by the National Supplementary Health Agency (ANS), is just a model list or an exact quotation of contract obligations. If the second understanding wins, the plans will no longer have a legal duty to treat illnesses that fall outside the so-called tax roll.

The trial began in September and two ministers have already cast their votes, one for the Comprehensive List and one for the Model List (as the above diseases will only give an idea of ​​the type of coverage, with no intention of limiting care).

To avoid limiting diseases covered by health plans, artists and thinkers from various fields launched the “Rol Taxativo Mata” campaign. There will be a demonstration at the door of the special court of Syrians for Truth and Justice, as the trial begins at 2 pm, and a video is spread on social media alerting residents, with the participation of Carmo Dalla Vecchia, Paula Oliveira, Luisa Sonza, Pablo Vitar and the party. Lawyer and philosopher Silvio Almeida and comedian Paolo Vieira, among others.

“Ministers will decide whether this list is the minimum or maximum list of what health plans should cover. If it is determined that the list is comprehensive, health plans will have full permission to refuse surgeries, treatments, procedures, medications and other things that are not expected,” reads the text of the video. “Even if you have a medical order, even if your life depends on it, even if the life of your loved one depends on it.”

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In this action, health plans argue that the tax role gives companies legal certainty and allows agreements to exercise reasonable rates.