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Apple Vision Pro: Medical team uses headset in surgery for first time in UK

Apple Vision Pro: Medical team uses headset in surgery for first time in UK

Apple Vision Pro has its potential for a variety of applications. Although it is not officially available in all countries, the manufacturer's mixed reality headset promises to be a companion for entertainment during flights, and now, this accessory has found great use in operating rooms.

According to a statement issued on Monday (11) by DailymailFor the first time, a medical team used Apple Vision Pro Help perform orthopedic surgery in the UK. The procedure took place at Cromwell Hospital in London.

The headset allows the user to view the real world by superimposing virtual screens and other information-displaying elements in front of them. Consequently, an instrumental nurse worked alongside the surgeon in charge Used equipment to prepare and select materials during the process.

Surgeon Syed Aftab operated on the patient a fortnight ago to fix his spine. It's a delicate procedure, and according to Suvi Verhoe, head nurse at the Independence Hospital in London, the technology “eliminates human error” and guarantees “greater confidence during surgery”.

Basic artificial intelligence software was used for surgery. The program keeps track of each stage of surgery, and in the future, each surgeon's performance can be measured, and how the results compare to similar procedures performed by other surgeons.

Aftab said the software transformed a scrub nurse she had never worked with — common in the field — into someone who appeared to have years of experience working in the operating room.

The doctor compares the event to the work of a Formula 1 pit crew: “It's okay if you've never been on one. At the pit stop in your life. Just put on the headset,'' he said.

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