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US House approves bill to ban TikTok in country |  Technology

US House approves bill to ban TikTok in country | Technology

Baitande is the Chinese owner of TikTok – Photo: Tado Ruvik/Reuters

The US House of Representatives today (13) approved a bill to ban TikTok in the country. The app, which is controlled by Chinese company ByteDance, has a new owner in the United States, or else the plan dictates that the social network leave the country.

With broad support from both Democrats and Republicans, Mr The bill was approved by a vote of 352 to 65. It still has to go through the Senate and depends on the President's approval. Last week, President Joe Biden said he would sign the legislation.

you The United States accuses the Bite Dance of endangering national security. They say China could take advantage of the company's power to obtain data from US users. TikTok's parent company has denied this.

According to Reuters, TikTok expects the “US Senate to consider the facts and ask its constituents” before making any decision.

“We hope they see the impact on the economy, the 7 million small businesses and 170 million Americans who use our service,” a TikTok spokesperson said.

What happens if the project is approved?

If all houses are approved, Byte Dance must find a buyer within six months. This new owner cannot be associated with a Chinese company.

If the Chinese company refuses to comply with the US decision or does not find a buyer, tech giants Apple and Android owner Google will have to remove TikTok from their app stores, the App Store and the Play Store, respectively.