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Analysis: Fabio saves Fluminense’s goal difference in the protocol match  Fluminense

Analysis: Fabio saves Fluminense’s goal difference in the protocol match Fluminense

If it was difficult to leave with the victory in La Paz with the first team because of the altitude of 3,600 meters, from the moment Fernando Diniz chose to spare the players and go with a good part of the reserve team, the possibility is almost completely gone. Fluminense lost 1-0 to the strongest It was even cheap, given how much Fábio worked and the balls that ended up on the crossbar. Not that the coach’s choice was wrong. The chance of winning even with the starting lineup was also lower and there was still a risk of hitting some other pieces.

Strongest 1 x 0 Fluminense – Best Moment – CONMEBOL LIBERTADORES Group Stage

While he was breathing, the tricolor managed to pose some danger on the Bolivian goal. Betting on attacks mainly on the right side of the field with Lilley and JFK rotating and Goga backing up, Flo managed to take a risk. But he only started creating big chances after he was already losing. However, after the first half of the initial stage, the light air seemed to burden the players and the players could no longer control the match.

Fabio saved the goal difference from Fluminense. All three colors I met on the way to the field and asked what they thought the game would comment that the tie was a good size. Bolivians know that less air resistance makes the ball move faster and they kick whenever possible to try to surprise the experienced goalkeeper. They might not have counted on a great night by the captain, No. 1 and the Tricolor, who became the Libertadores’ most capped Brazilian. A calendar night that will always be remembered in future games.

Isaac, The Strongest x Fluminense – Image: Marcelo Gonçalves/Fluminense

The 42-year-old has made at least six impressive saves. Fabio showed once again that the fans don’t sing that he is the best goalkeeper in Brazil for nothing. The match he played was very memorable and important for goals Fluminense In the rest of the Libertadores. The team’s goal difference is the best in the competition (six, tied with Bolívar).

Of course, the tricolor fan leaves with the result, but he also understands it. On the part of the Bolivians, of course, they were delighted with the victory, but the impression that this victory gave was lingering. In the next two rounds of the group, it was perhaps Fabio’s saves in La Paz that decided the fate of the teams advancing to the Round of 16.

It is also worth highlighting the first shows of the night. As far as the left side hasn’t worked well, that’s understandable because Esquerdinha, 17, was playing his first game as a professional. And in front of him was Isaac, another boy who made his debut on the first Flu team. The other grandmother was Kawa Elias. A tri-coloured gem also from the Under-17s, he came on in the dying minutes the first time he was included. He couldn’t show much, it’s true, but the hope for more minutes for the little ones is there.

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“Fluminense felt a lot trying the long ball”, analyzes Gabriel | crowd sound

Even with defeat, the Fluminense He leads Group D with nine points in four matches. The Strongest come second with six, while Sporting Cristal and River have four each. The next match will also be away from home at Monumental de Núñez against River Plate on June 7 (Wednesday).

Before that, he faces Corinthians, on Sunday, at 4 pm (Brasilian time), in the New Quimeca Arena, for the eighth round of Brazil. Then he will face Flamengo, on Thursday, in the second leg of the 16th round of the Brazilian Cup. And in the sequence, Red Bull takes on the Bragantino.

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